Meconomy kaufen
Meconomy kaufen


Actually, the plan was airtight. I had quit my well-paying, permanent employment because I wanted to be free. I wanted to get away from the daily grind at the office, from being directed by others, from the terror of nit-picky meetings and required attendance. I had even written a book called “Morgen komm ich später rein” (“I’ll be in later tomorrow”) about the fact that we are free to work when and wherever we want to—as long as the job gets done.

The Press on „Meconomy“

»Detailed, well-researched, fascinating.«

dpa (German Press Agency)

»Ich AG, Agenda 2010, Krise, Synergie. Alle Begriffe, die mit dem Wandel von Arbeit zu tun haben – aber keine besonders schönen Begriffe. Ich hätte das etwas schöneres: Wie wäre es zum Beispiel mit Meconomy? Dank Internet kann man als Journalist vieles selbst in die Hand nehmen.«

Was mit Medien

»Meconomy betont richtigerweise, dass nicht nur Jugendliche, sondern immer mehr Menschen die Fragen stellen: Was mache ich aus meinem Leben bzw. wo geht der Lebensweg hin? Wie die Krise zeigt, ist die Welt nur scheinbar sicher: Warum dann nicht dem nachgehen, was einen wirklich begeistert? Markus Albers mit Meconomy inspiriert dazu!«

— David Haas, Gründer von build.UP

There are three ways to buy Meconomy – depending on what format you prefer:

1) You can download the book as a PDF file here. The PDF version works on any computer as well as on many smartphones and e-readers. Besides, you get an animated color cover that looks pretty cool!

2) EPUB is the most common e-book format that works on almost all e-readers (note: with the exception of Kindle). EPUBs can also be read on the computer with freeware programs such as Digital Editions. The EPUB version of Meconomy is available at major e-book online shops like,, or

3) If you want to purchase Meconomy as an iPhone App , please go to iTunes Store or textunes (where an excerpt from the book can be read online). The pros of this format: Apps can be conveniently downloaded in no time, they’re easy to handle and the contents look great. Apps come with an animated color cover.

Please note: No matter which format you buy or where you download it from, the price is always the same: EUR 9.99. However, iTunes users don’t need to buy the book twice: Those who e-mail me their iTunes invoice will receive a free PDF version of the book (note: Unfortunately, this doesn’t work the other way round, and this deal isn’t valid for purchased EPUBs).